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We, SSpS, are part of a Church that goes forth as a community of missionary disciples who take the first step, who are involved and supportive, and who bear fruit and rejoice.

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Recent Articles

South Sudan: The Very Basic Problems

The fighting, the killing, the raping, the savagery of the civil war in South Sudan, make the headline news.  Nevertheless, among the quiet and peaceful general populace there are some very basic problems facing the people, especially those who live in the PoC (Protection of Civilians) camps or the large...
August 10, 2017

Germany: Reinforcement for the mission in Greece

Three months ago, three sisters set off to the refugees in Greece for a joint European project. Already then it was clear that they would not remain as three. On the 4th of August the fourth sister, Sr. Preethi Silva from India, joined them at last. Sr. Preethi...
August 6, 2017

Rome: Promotion of Human Rights in West Papua

13 religious men and women, representing 7 religious congregations (including SSpS and SVD) gathered on 10 July at the Generalate of the Augustinians in Rome to discuss collaboration for the promotion of human rights in West Papua. Most of the congregations are present in West Papua, working on various ministries....
July 20, 2017


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