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World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations

JPIC Commission, Rome

Global Goals

International Union of Superiors General

Justice in Mining

Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat

The International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking

International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons

Solidarity with South Sudan

Union of the European Conferences of Major Superiors

Social Apostolate of the Jesuit Provincials

Center of Studies on Christianity and Justice

Latino-American Conference of Religious


SSpS in the World

We, SSpS, are part of a Church that goes forth as a community of missionary disciples who take the first step, who are involved and supportive, and who bear fruit and rejoice.

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Recent Articles

A New Book: JPIC and our Founding Generation

"From its very beginning the Arnoldus Family has been facing and responding to the serious social problems of the times. In this tradition, we have continued working on the social issues. Living in the present world, where people are suffering from so many different and complex social problems, we felt...
May 24, 2018

Feast of Pentecost 2018

We consider it a special grace that we celebrate Pentecost and the Feast of our Blessed Mother Josepha on the same day this year. Ten years have already passed since the beatification of Mother Josepha, so it is good to recall some of the important aspects of her life that...
May 19, 2018

Day 9 – Pentecost Novena – Communion with the Whole World through our use of Social Media

We find ourselves in a digital age where the rate and speed of communication surpasses all our expectations. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - 20 years ago we could never imagine these things would be possible. But now they are a major part of our daily lives. Father Arnold recognized the great...
May 18, 2018


The story of God's love from the beginning of time must be told ever new—in new words, in new lives.