Chapter Opening



“We carry the light in our hearts during these days of our 14th General Chapter and beyond. This light will reveal to us Your will for us as individuals and as a Congregation committed to share the Good News among peoples.”

Sr. Maria Theresia, as Chapter President, lights the Chapter Candle from the Paschal Candle.  Each of the 9 Home Community representatives takes a candle and lights it from the Chapter Candle.  Sr. Maria Theresia and the representatives carrying their lit candles, lead the capitulars and all others present to the Chapter Hall.  

The Chapter Candle is put in place and the representatives take their candles to their respective tables. The capitulars go to their respective Home Community tables. 



8 thoughts on “Chapter Opening”

  1. Dear Sr. Marides and team, thank you for your talented services at XIV General Chapter. With the media communication, though we are in the corner in this world we are able to be close with all the sisters in Steyl and all over the world in our prayers.

  2. As I was viewing the opening of the Chapter I felt that the whole atmosphere was electric and so serine. Continue to support all of you in my prayers.

  3. Dear Team, Thank you for allowing us journey with our 14 th general Chapter. i am one with you in spirit and in prayer. i am excited and happy to see what is happening every day in our Chapter. Thanks and God bless you

  4. SSpS at Chanpatia – Bihar( INE)
    A marvellous sight of the mother house and all those it holds at the moment, the arrival of the Indian Delegates along with the Congregational leader and others gave us a homely feeling
    we wish you all God’s Blessings! May the Spirit Journey with you throughout the chapter. we will visit you again.

  5. Though miles away I can feel the atmosphere of the sacred event . Assure all the capitulars my prayers. Thanks to Sr. Marides and team for the great work . God bless you!

  6. Thank you Sr. Marides and the team, for all the information together with good photographs.
    God bless you!
    May the Spirit Journey with all of you throughout the chapter.

    Love and Blessings,
    Lizy Thomas SSpS, India Central (INC)

  7. Within the framework of the Jubilee Year, the Educational Community of Santa Teresa School from Colonia Hinojo (Olavarría – Argentina) in its three levels- Initial Level, Primary Education and Secondary Education, sends you its warmest greetings, and a big and an affectionate hug.
    The members of the school would also like to thank and celebrate with you on 113 years of loving service in education.
    May God grant you many blessings for loving and serving Him in such a devoted way.

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