Opening Liturgy



“We welcome each other with love. Five Sisters, representing each continent, bring symbols of our uniqueness, openness and readiness to come and share stories and to recommit to the work of evangelization.”

Main celebrant:  Fr. Paulo Narui Daisuke SVD

Concelebrants: Fr. Stanislaus T. Lazar SVD and Fr. Crescente Antonio De Rivera SVD

Sr. Gerhardis, Elisabeth Gertrud Wiesmann of the Steyl community, celebrates her birthday; she is 100 years old.


13 thoughts on “Opening Liturgy”

  1. Sr. Marides and team, Thank you for keeping the rest us connected with all of you in Steyl. It gives immense joy to be united in Spirit as SSpS Family. Love and Prayers

  2. I thank you for being one in spirit with you in the liturgy . We support you with our prayers.

  3. Great! You made us feel present in the meaningful Liturgy. Our prayers go with you. Thanks Marides and team.

  4. We are grateful for updating us with the opening ceremony of the chapter. We wish God’s continual blessings. Thank you.
    Sr.Jane Mathew

  5. Dear Sisters, we are united with you and daily praying for all of you! Each day we pick 3 names of the members of the chapter and we specially pray for them . Marides, keep well and thanks for all info!papa

  6. Dear Sisters in Communication team,thank you for keeping us updated with the Chapter news. Though we are far away yet we can also feel one with you and feel the same spirit of the Chapter.Thank you for the colorful photos and for all your efforts!

  7. Gracias, por esta oportunidad de compartir con ustedes, que están viviendo esta hermosa de Kairos.

  8. Wow, Thank you so much for the update! It’s so beautiful to be part of the Chapter journey! God bless all of you! We are very much with you.

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