At the service of the General Chapter


Chapter Facilitators:

Sr. Rosemary Howarth SSND & Sr. Emmie Vas SSpS

Chapter Secretaries:

Sr. Mary John Kudiyiruppil, SSpS & Sr. Joanna Kubisz SSpS

Secretariat Office Coordinator:

Sr. Mary Joy Quizan SSpS

Translation Services:

Fr. Sonny De Rivera SVD, Sr. Mary Stephanie Rualo SSpS, Sr. Mariana Mercedes Camezzana SSpS, Sr. Nancy del Carmen Noguera SSpS, Sr. Julita Bele Bau SSpS and Sr. Ildeponsa Conterius SSpS

Technical Services:

Sr. Samuelle Cha SSpS

Communication Services:

Sr. Maria Lourdes Santos SSpS

House Services:

Sr. Rastislava Kurajová SSpS, Sr. Maria Beatrix Oberhofer SSpS and Sr. Regina Chandrarani SSpS



2 thoughts on “At the service of the General Chapter”

  1. Great! Thank God the chapter has began well. May this time be a time of grace and blessings for all.

  2. Thank you for all the services you have been doing. God is with you and I am also with you in prayers. Paulina

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