For a start, some practical matters…


…the translation system, house facilities and other needs of the participants



2 thoughts on “For a start, some practical matters…”

  1. Thanks a lot for all the hard work. We are with you all in prayer…

  2. Dear Sisters,
    The five of us in South Sudan wish to thank you sincerely for your love, prayers and support in all forms. Yesterday, Sr. Jerly, our Regional Leader called us up to assure us of prayers of all of you and to share some thoughts about the chapter. We are very grateful for that. On Easter Sunday, we were strengthened by the Easter greetings of Sr. Maria Theresia. Apart from these, we wish to express our deepest appreciation to all of you for the many prayers you have and are offering for us and our people here in South Sudan.
    Currently, we in our area are fine though some areas are “on fire” due to the unrest and violence.
    We do feel your prayers for us and your concern.
    Thanks too for the financial assistance from Rome, USA Province, Austria etc that help us to reach-out to our hungry and desperate people.
    We love and pray for you too. “WE ARE ONE… WE ARE TOGETHER…”
    Stay blessed.
    Sr. Mercy Benson, SSpS and Community in South Sudan

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