Our story continues…The congregational story


 Report of the Congregational Leadership Team

Sr. Maria Theresia Hörnemann SSpS, Congregational Leader, and her team presented their report under five main headings:

1. Introduction, 2. Memories of the13th General Chapter, 3. Afire with Christ Committed to Life, 4. Our Team Story, and 5. Empowered by the Spirit Sharing Good News among Peoples.

The CLT shared the congregational story of the past six years in the light of three key themes: women disciples centred in God, intercultural communities in mission, living our commitment to life. Each of these three areas was looked at from the perspective of growing experiences, helpful means, and on-going challenges.

The experiences of growth in our Sisters as God-centered women are specifically seen in the areas of faith sharing, vowed life, and on-going formation.

On-going formation and renewal programmes organized at provincial/regional, continental and congregational level, provincial/regional leaders’ assembly and orientation program were considered helpful means in deepening commitment to life as women disciples centred in God.

Developing a healthy relationship with God, oneself, others and all creation, to be attuned to the movements of the Spirit, and living of the evangelical counsels in today’s context are on-going challenges.

Our history and experience as a congregation have shown that to live as intercultural and interconnected communities at the service of God’s mission is both a blessing and a challenge. Because of our internationality there is mutual sharing of personnel and resources. We are slowly learning to name and speak of the intercultural tensions that exist among us. Communities are creating space for intercultural dialogue and for sharing the enrichment that the cultural diversity brings.

To see that the Trinitarian spirituality is the foundation for intercultural living and that our intercultural living gives witness to the Trinitarian life within us continues to be our daily challenge.

As SSpS committed to life, we are called to respond to situations and issues in place where life is most threatened. Our commitment to life finds expression in our commitment for women, solidarity with people living with HIV/AIDS, ministry with migrants and human trafficking, empowering indigenous people, care for mother earth, and commitment to peace and reconciliation.    In all these missionary endeavours we network with others recognizing that our strength lies not in increasing numbers but in increasing our solidarity within the congregation and with other persons and groups.

In the Team Story the CLT shared their experiences, learnings and insights from the journey of the team during visits and visitations, within the Arnoldus Family and in the Generalate community. “Trust in the Spirit, in one another, in each sister and in the process” was one of their significant learnings. To prepare sisters for global mission in our intercultural and international reality and to empower the laity and to see them as full partners in mission are some of our on-going challenges.

The report concluded with a note of gratitude to all the Sisters for their constant prayers, trust, support and collaboration during the team’s tenure and with the resolve to respond to the missionary call with even greater commitment and a prayer that this General Chapter help us to own anew “Jesus mission as our mission.” The final wish that we journey on empowered by the Spirit, joyfully sharing the Good News among peoples.


 Report of the Mission Secretary

The Mission Secretariat is entrusted with the service of helping the CLT animate the Congregation in carrying out its mission by fulfilling two intrinsically related functions of mission animation and promotion of justice, peace and integrity of creation (JPIC).

Sr. Carmen Elisa Bandeo, the mission secretary, in her report drew attention to the SSpS understanding of mission of making known the love of God to all people which sees justice, peace and integrity of creation as its integral components. In her report, she traced the evolution of the Mission Secretariat over the years and through the recent general chapters and identified the stages in the progressive development of the understanding of mission which led to the eventual restructuring of the Mission Secretariat.

Important activities taken up were the SSpS International JPIC Seminar in Steyl in October 2012, continental mission animation programmes and VIVAT International Workshops in several countries.

The Mission Secretariat networks and collaborates with MA/JPIC coordinators of the provinces/regions, VIVAT International, SVD mission secretariat, and AJSC.


Report of the Treasurer General

Sr. Litty George Sasthamkunnel, the Treasurer General, presented the Report of 2008-2013 inviting the capitulars to travel with her as she shared how the financial resources of our congregation have helped us in our journey and in our very life and mission since the 13th General Chapter.  It is a journey covering areas of growth, blessings, struggles and learnings.

Our call to live as authentic witnesses necessitates accountability in the management of resources at the provincial/regional levels.

Sr. Litty reminded the capitulars about the recommendation of Pope Francis that wealth should be at the service of the authentic development of the human family. She affirmed that today our Congregation is blessed with sustainable resources. However, we require constant efforts to use them efficiently in missionary services. Financial viability is possible for all when the spirit of generosity and unity goes beyond the walls of one’s province/region and reach to the common mission of the congregation.



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  1. Thank you very much for making it possible for us here in our Region Togo/Benin to be one with you through this site. May the Spirit of our journey be always your inspiration throughout the Chapter. VIVA SSpS!

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