We gather to tell our stories


Two days were spent for storytelling on the province/region level.

First day, the Capitulars read, reflected on and shared about the provincial and regional stories.  Of the total 45 stories, each Home Community had five different stories in hand.  Key elements/insights, essential to our SSpS Identity, Spirituality and Charism, emerging from the reflections, were identified.

Each community wrote an SMS text message to the Capitulars and prepared a creative presentation of the reflections, which were brought to the plenum the following day.


Gathering the seeds of wisdom from the Stories

Whole morning of the second day was spent presenting insights and seeds of wisdom gathered from the nine Home Communities. Each community presented creatively and powerfully the context of the stories, the challenges and the SSpS missionary responses.

The following are the SMS text messages received from the 9 Home Communities:

  • Led by the Spirit, Choose Life
  • Sense God’s leading in today’s challenges and take risks
  • Life is precious let us protect it
  • As Servants of the Holy Spirit, we live the Paschal Mystery prophetically through the lens of JPIC
  • Welcome to the evolving Global Consciousness.  Think out of the box. The Spirit blows where she wills.
  • Let go of the structures that are not life-giving. Take time to mourn the loses to receive the New.
  • Dream an intercultural and inter-generational living of multiple colors.
  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we transform ourselves and the world – Passion for Mission
  • Nothing should stop us from being where we are needed.
  • Let go of structures, routines, attitudes and mindsets
  • Move out of our comfort zones to meet the challenges of today’s realities.
  • Be transformed – begin with a vision
  • Move from uncertainties and find new ways of being and sharing the Good News among all peoples.


After listening to and internalizing the text messages, the Capitulars were given the opportunity in the afternoon to share to the plenum anything that was burning within—insights, realizations, questions and concerns.  

Some of the points shared:

    • Chapter Energy as a body – Communion
    • Consciousness that we are sent to mission by the Spirit
    • Living healthily our interculturality is a challenge
    • Living our commitment to life through the lens of JPIC
    • As God-centered woman, respond to the challenging and demanding realities, taking risk
    • The power of Storytelling, sharing good news
    • Presentations indicate where the Spirit is calling or leading us
    • Let go of the structures and leave comfort zones…
    • Spirit calls us to personal transformation for mission



3 thoughts on “We gather to tell our stories”

  1. Congratulation to all capitulars for the frutfull reflection this pass week …You are really empowered by the Holy Spirit as mother Theresia and all capitularis at the first general chapter… Let us continue the Jesus misssion ,to sense the God’s leading in today ‘s challenges and take risk.

  2. Dear sisters continue to be reflective, creative and open to the Spirit as we can see from photos and published summary from the blog. We pray for you as you are entering the second week of the GC that you will help the rest of us to see, to understand and to commit ourselves to where the Spirit wants to take us…
    A big thank you to Sr. Marides and all who are working hard to create blog for us. God bless.

  3. I am deeply inspired with all that I have been viewing. I pray the Holy spirit may continue to inspire you all and that you may be empowered and be guided by His gifts of wisdom.

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