The Book: A journey of 125 years preserved in print

The Chapter’s process of storytelling culminated in the launching of the commemorative book: “Empowered by the Spirit, Sharing Good News among Peoples”  published by the General Administration to mark the 125th foundation anniversary of the Congregation and the 14th General Chapter.

From the book’s foreword:

Indeed it is a joyful coincidence that the celebrations of two significant and historic events in the life journey of the Congregation fall in the same year – 2014.

This auspicious twin set of events led the Congregational Leadership Team to turn what they initially thought would be a simple compilation of SSpS Provincial/ Regional stories and congregational statistics for the 14th General Chapter, into an extensive commemorative book marking the 125th foundation anniversary of the Congregation.

This Book preserves in print the Congregation’s story: the life-giving events that shaped our Mission in various parts of the world. The memory lives on forever – to inspire, encourage and breathe forth new life to those who will come after us to carry on The Mission.



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  1. Wow it looks wonderful, I seen a photo of Sr. Christleen & Sr. Lucille on the Ireland page of the book as the photos went by. It looks great. I still have a copy of the 100years book which I have since 1989. Many blessings for the weeks ahead for the GC.

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