A day with the flowers

Sunday was a day to relax, to unwind and to get much needed energy from nature.  The Capitulars, together with the service team and some members of the Steyl community, spent the whole day at Keukenhof—a park nurturing varieties of tulips, orchids and chrysanthemums.






9 thoughts on “A day with the flowers”

  1. Beutiful FLOWERS among beautiful flowers. Enjoyable experience for me as it was for the chapter participants. Blessings for the days to come.

  2. Such beautiful gardens, wonderful colours and blooms, all I can say is WOW. The stepping stones made everyone look like they were walking on water……very good. A great day out and much need to renew the spirit going forward this week. Again blessings for the work to come.

  3. Very beautiful and wonderful tulips to see the creation and to discover the goodness and beauty of God. Thank you for taking us to the land of flowers.

  4. Beautiful flowers! Sing… bloom,bloom bloom where you are planted and you will find your way… Let the spirit of God inspire us all to be beautiful flowers for each other!

  5. WOW !!!!!!!!
    What a life in the creation, its really energizing after seeing A DAY WITH FLOWERS.. Thank you for posting beautiful flowers and the participants. Its really amazing!!!!

    Thank you,

  6. Que beleza …. Deus seja louvado por tantas maravilhas!!!
    Obra fantástica do Criador!!!!

  7. wow…beautiful… it is nice to have a day for relaxing so that the Spirit become more alive in the sharings… congratulations sisters it is so refreshing. Sr. Marides thank you so much for the beautiful gift you have for us who are not there but feeling we are there.
    it seems in the picture is like the day of re-union…beautiful really…

  8. celebration of life with the creator among HIS creation is amazing. May the joyful experience of Risen Christ fill you with new vigor. Thank you sisters for taking us thru the course of the chapter.
    May our Saints and Mothers accompany us. praying for the success of the chapter. Go confidently with the direction of your dreams.

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