We are a family…and together we have a purpose


When storytelling takes place among members of the family, whenever or wherever it may be, always, it is an experience of “coming home”.   The whole day was such an encounter for the Arnoldus Family.   From different parts of the world, they have come to tell their story—Fr. Heinz Kulüke (SVD Superior General), M. Maria Elisabeth Klein (SSpSAP Superior General), Ms. Myrna Trabajo-Pagsuberon (lay mission partner from the Philippines), and Ms. Adriana Vilaça Gonçalves Santiago Campos (lay mission partner from Brazil).  The following are some insights from their sharing:


Fr. Heinz:

It is not only the poor who need the Church…The Church and religious congregations need the poor in order to find new meaning and to become alive again. In serving those at the margins, we doubtlessly receive more than we give…A life in the service of God cannot be separated from serving people especially dear to Him…All this for His sake…receiving His blessings in return…being sent, making “His Mission our Mission”…


M. Maria Elisabeth:

The Arnoldus Family was, is, and always will be for us a fount of energy, encouragement, inspiration, and enthusiasm for the mission, and joy for our daily life. Our Divine Word Brothers and our Missionary Sisters, with their mission, are in such a way present in our daily life that we cannot imagine our existence as Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration without considering the profound and vital union that exists among us…You are the reason for the existence of our Congregation and of our whole apostolate.


Ms. Myrna:

Infused with a renewed Spirit, the partnership of the lay and the Sisters has become more evident and stronger as we continue to bring the Good News…The peace that comes from responding to God’s call, the joys flowing from His love and the strength that springs from our renewed commitment and partnership sustains us…In our intentional involvement with life…we joyfully go to where the Spirit sends us!


Ms. Adriana:

When we act according to our conscience, without thinking of personal gain or political interest, we turn into members of the army led by the Holy Spirit of God…We are continuing the work of St. Arnold and Mother Josepha, a fruit of a dream of love to the missionary life. As had been learned, I remain with the conviction that victory is certain when we unite for the benefit of one common objective.



3 thoughts on “We are a family…and together we have a purpose”

  1. It is really good to be a member of the Arnoldus Family. I am grateful for my religious missionary vocation. May the Holy Triune God live in our heart and in the hearts of all people.

  2. Hi Marides! Thank you for the updates of our 14th General Chapter. How lucky we are in far Tagaytay to have an access of the daily activities of the on-going chapter. Thanks a lot. You look happy and fulfilled. Ingat!

  3. By the way I will share this photos with our Pink Sisters in Tagaytay. I’m sure they will be happy to see this.

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