A jumpstart on the Congregational Directions: The first draft


The third week of the General Chapter opened with the Chapter Direction Writing Committee presenting to the Chapter body the first draft of the Congregational Directions. The Committee had been closely listening to the voice of the Spirit speaking through the Capitulars as they shared their reflections and insights on the stories, inputs, and processes of the past two weeks.

The Capitulars worked on the draft, first in small groups and later in the plenum, guided by the following:

  • Three or four elements that hold the deepest passion for SSpS today
  • Questions or issues that the capitulars need to explore more in-depth
  • Missing important elements in the first draft

The discussion closed with the Capitulars praying over the four members of the Direction Writing Committee, asking the guidance and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, as they take the next steps in revising the first draft of the Congregational Directions.  The same intention was brought to the Eucharistic celebration at the end of the day.


Side by side with direction-setting, discernment for the election of the new congregational leadership team continued.



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