Preparing the Heart for Discernment

The discernment on congregational direction and leadership continues…


communal discernmentThe day began with faith sharing on the Word of God in John 15:9-17, flowing into a reflection on Some Essential Threads of Communal Discernment:

            • It is deeply spiritual
            • All have a voice in the process
            • It is peaceful, respectful, but not necessarily easy
            • It is transparent
            • It unites rather than divides




In the plenum, as the election process on leadership goes deeper, Sr. Rosemary invited the Capitulars to spend some time to look at the concept of leadership and some qualities of a leader.   She illustrated on the board the Dimensions of Leadership.



The letters CMS are at the center of the circle, which stand for Charism, Mission, and Spirituality.    At the heart of leadership and in the heart of a leader there needs to be a fire for the Charism, a fire and passion for the Mission and a deep Spirituality that belong uniquely to the Congregation.

From the heart of leadership there are four dimensions to look at:

      • Skills with trust that the leader is doing God’s work
      • to relate in different levels
      • to inspire 
      • to administer


The Capitulars spent some time for personal reflection and sharing on the qualities and the kind of leadership needed at this time in the Congregation.



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