The Spirit goes with you…goodbye for now…until we meet again…


The four invited observers—two lay mission partners (Ms. Myrna and Ms. Adriana) and two SVDs (Fr. Daisuke and Fr. Stanislaus)—gave their final message by sharing their experiences and observations.

For the first time in the history of the SSpS, observers were invited in the General Chapter.  After three weeks of actively participating in the different Chapter processes (except election), they expressed their gratitude for the Sisters’ openness to welcome them in their midst. They appreciated the atmosphere of communion and honesty among the Capitulars and the Chapter proceedings as a whole, especially storytelling. Besides the words of appreciation the two SVDs gave some valuable observations and suggestions that would be helpful for the ongoing direction setting.

All of them expressed how they have been enriched not only by their experiences in the Chapter, but by intercultural community living as well. Sr. Maria Theresia, the Congregational Leader, and all the Capitulars are deeply grateful for their presence and contribution.

We are truly blessed to have them with us!



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