The Chapter closes…our story continues

The capitulars have journeyed together during the 14th General Chapter of the SSpS here in Steyl, the significant place where our Founding Generation had been drawn to fulfil their dream – that the Holy Triune God live in our hearts and in the hearts of all people.  This dream flowed strongly in the stories of SSpS in the entire Congregation during this Chapter.

As Capitulars, we came together to share our stories and good news and to listen to the stories of our Founding Generation in order to be more in touch with the roots of our Spirituality and Charism.  We have journeyed together with Mother Theresia Messner SSpS the patron of our 14th General Chapter. All the stories bind us into communion with God, with our sisters in the whole Congregation, with the poor, the marginalized, our lay partners, collaborators, other believers and with creation.

We really experienced God’s blessings through the Spirit who faithfully accompanied and guided us during this General Chapter. We experienced the Spirit leading us in our common discernment processes on the elections of our Congregational Leadership Team and on the Congregational Directions for 2014 – 2020.

In our journey we have stopped and stepped back to reflect on our mission, to evaluate and to discern where God wants us to go.  We have been nourished by the Word of God and by the sharing of our faith experiences.  With grateful hearts we praise the Holy Triune God for the abundant blessings we have received. We thank God for the present CLT for their loving care, guidance, sacrifices, and joyful service in our common mission during the past six years. We felt how the Spirit was leading our Congregation through them in these years.

We also praise God for the new CLT, whom God has chosen to be our companion, to journey with us, sharing good news with all, and making our stories fruitful for all.

Now our mission starts anew. In the strength of the Holy Spirit we commit ourselves to continue to tell our stories, to bring the Good News with joyful hearts, and to echo our Directions in our mission. We are on the way and Jesus is Our Way. With joyful hearts we praise and give thanks to our God.

Official Closing (in the Chapter Hall)

The Capitulars voted unanimously to close the Chapter.

“Thank You” to the Service Group

“Thank You” to the CLT

Gifts from Fr. Jürgen Ommerborn SVD

–a DVD containing posters of the Founding Generation and materials on Mother Theresia Messner

Picking a “Prayer Partner”

Closing Eucharist

Mass Presider:  Cardinal João Braz de Aviz  (Prefect of Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life – Vatican)

Dialogue with Cardinal João Braz de Aviz

Flashback Video

2 thoughts on “The Chapter closes…our story continues”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful sharing of the daily activities at the Chapter. I felt like I was there. I recognized many familiar faces, but was wishing I had names to put with the faces I had not seen before. May God bless each one as you travel home to your own province and bless the mission of the SSpS all over the world. I feel so blessed to be counted among the SSpS members during my lifetime!

    Sr. Priscilla Burke
    USA Province

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ! to all of you our dear sisters! You are the story to our Congregation! May the fruits of this 14th General Chapter will bring us FORWARD where His Spirit leads us! Safe journey!

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