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  1. It is wonderful. Here I am, in Alice Springs, Australia, and am able to “follow” the General Chapter in Steyl. Thank you. May the Holy Spirit guide all of you there.

  2. Desde Argentina, les enviamos muchos saludos y cariños a todas las hnas., que el espíritu santo las colme con todas las luces, las guíe por el camino de la alegría y la misericordia de Dios. Unidas en la oración. ¡¡¡¡VIVA EL ESPÍRITU SANTO!!!! cariños hna francisca

  3. From the Land of Ethiopia
    “May the Holy Triune God Lives in our Hearts and in the Hearts of all people.”
    It is wonderful to see the SSPS Spirit alive in all us today. We are accompanying you with our prayers. God bless you and may the Guidance of the Spirit be upon each one of you. Thank you for all the hard work we are following the General Chapter even from Ethiopia.

  4. Thanks for the timely information and photos sent of the Chapter.
    We can feel the vibration of the Chapter,

    we are with you and assure you our prayerful support.

    God Bless you,

  5. I am looking forward to coming to know more about Mother Theresia Messner. I am very touched by her life

  6. I am glad that i can follow what is going on in our mother house Steyl… truly coming together to share that good news we have experienced in our mission is a wonderful thing to do… wishing you all spirit fill sharing…

  7. Greetings from the Philippiness… we are one in the spirit
    thanks for those who made this posible for us to be united with you all in the mother house

  8. Dear sisters, loving greetings from down under….The technology is amazing as we/I from afar could be able to view what is happening at the Chapter.
    Thanks so very much for sisters who made it possible.

    We continue to pray with you all as you continue discernment for our Congregation.
    May the Holy Spirit generates wisdom through each of you..

    Sr. Maria Helena Naif

  9. Dear sisters one with you always in the spirit as you discern the future of our beloved congregation… Yes the spirit is our guids and inspiration…

  10. May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you in listening and sharing of congregational, province and Regional stories. we keep you all in our prayers. from the international pre- Novices here in Cebu city – Philippines ( Jovy, Bibiana and Stephanie ).

  11. we are one with you in spirit as you continue sharing stories.i am happy and excited to know what is happening in our 14th general Chapter.thanks for updating with you in prayer
    Philippines south

  12. Marides and Team, great work! well done! good pictures, keep it up. I felt that I was there. Accompanying you all with my daily prayers.

  13. Sr.Marides- congrats !!! keep it going – just feel one with our world wide SSpS at this important juncture – assurance of prayers especially to our Chapter members

  14. Its wonderful, just opening the website – seeing the pictures and the events – all that’s taking place at Steyl. Thanks a million for all that you are doing for us. It’s amazing – work put in, and the short time.. We support you with our prayers !

  15. dear Sisters
    be attentive in listening the inputs and be open to the Holy Spirit, our Master, in whatever She asks you to do-to speak-to respond.
    One in prayers to the Life-Nurturing Spirit,
    valentine Oei SSpS

  16. Its wonderful work sr.marides and team! Good to see and know about the chapter.Thanks

  17. Dear Des and company!
    You are doing great and wonderful creative things. The 14th General Chapter is blessed to have you. Keep it up.

  18. It is wonderful to hear the results of the election of our Congregational Leadership Team. The Holy Spirit is working! Congratulations to all our elected sisters lead by Sr. Maria Theresia. We rejoice with you and with all our sisters!

  19. It is a joy to see that the Holy Spirit really work in us and live in us. Let us continue to pray for the need of our Congregation especially for the newly elected members of the CLT. May each one be inspired by the Holy Spirit now and always. We also thank God for the previous CLT members who worked wholeheartedly for our congregation. May our loving God bless each one of you and always.

    May the Holy triune God continue to live in our hearts and in the hearts of all people.

  20. dear sisters,

    thanks very much for following us with your prayers and LOVE! …it is LOVE that binds us together just as the SPIRIT-LOVE binds with the FATHER AND JESUS!…indeed the SPIRIT makes us ONE!

  21. Dear Marides and all you creative sisters involved in the maintenance of this blog, thank you so much for all the updates during the last weeks! You have done such a wonderful job! Mesmerizing 🙂 May the Spirit keep inspiring you! Looking forward to welcome you back home here in Rome!

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