15th General Chapter

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Closing of the 15th General Chapter

In all the decisions made, consensus and great convergence prevailed. Many expressed how they perceived the action of the Holy Spirit leading the capitulars. The...Read More
February 2, 2022

Chapter Members Approve Congregational Directions

The text of the Congregational Directions is a call for transformation that starts from the dynamism of Trinitarian life and leads us through the action...Read More
January 30, 2022

New Congregational Leadership Team Elected

The newly elected team was celebrated with joy, congratulations and an intercultural celebration with music, dance and tributes from different parts of the world. In...Read More
January 27, 2022

Opening Address of Sr. Miriam Altenhofen

Sister Miriam Altenhofen prepared a message for all the sisters and members of the Arnoldus Family after her election as Congregational Leader. Here we publish...Read More
January 22, 2022

Daily Faithsharing Material and Reflections


Transforming the World with Compassion

In his homily, Father Budi reflected on the second part of the Chapter theme, which is the mission that the Chapter members and all SSpS...Read More
February 1, 2022

Faith Sharing – January 29

"Joseph Freinademetz was very active in the education of Chinese laymen and priests. He wrote a catechism in Chinese, which he considered a crucial part...Read More
January 28, 2022

Faith Sharing – January 28

"It is consoling to realize that in this world no evil can take place beyond what God allows, and that in the end He is...Read More
January 27, 2022

Faith Sharing – January 27

"Be glad when you meet each other. Help one another carry the burdens and worries. For love of Jesus, patiently bear each other’s faults, weaknesses and...Read More
January 25, 2022



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