Day 12:  Youth in Digital Age

Day 12: Youth in Digital Age

Fr. Fabio Pasqualetti SDB, professor of the faculty of science of social communication at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome was the resource person for the first half of the day.

Focusing on the impact and the use of internet boon on IGen, he spoke about Youth in digital age and our mission to teach values. With the advent of IPhones, everything has become “I” centered – I decide, I choose, I buy, I.. I.. I. with this kind of consumeristic/individualistic  approach. The young people are losing their capability to speak with one another, they feel alone and do not have adults they can relate to.To provide for them the time for silence and reflection, where they can stay with themselves.

According to a survey  conducted on 11 million American IGen,  there are 10 important trends which are shaping the New Gen. All those trends are not bad in itself. There are also 10 reason why one need to delete the social media accounts for  a better living of life. Because the internet has taken over every sphere of our life raging from what to think, how to wear, what to eat etc. these technological stimulation can have bad effect of conscious and our value system. The key word of our society is “speed”. We are losing the ability to think deeply or to read a book for a long time, without checking our cell phone. The important thing is to be able to use technology, to transmit with life, “the life lived in Christ”

The shawallos of technology can push us into ‘Alone together’. We may be connected together but the there will be a great aloofness prevail in the heart.

Our challenge as educators and as Youth animators is how are we going to bring in values in media education.

The afternoon session was on website platforms. Sr. Marides Santos, SSpS oriented the assembly about designing and managing Website, and acquiring  good quality photos, graphic-design tool for website and software for creating blogs and Websites.

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