Day 16:  Media Ethics and Data Protection and Privacy

Day 16: Media Ethics and Data Protection and Privacy

The day began with hymn awakening the Divine Spirit.

The animation team of the day welcomed the three lawyers Pierre Fortin, Osvaldo Duilio Rossi and Kai Uwe Hasse to the days presentation.

Attorney Pierre Fortin dealt with the GDPR and an overview of its principles, its objectives and principles. It is also the church law today. Points of highlights also included

  • the way you use media
  • the way you use information
  • media ethics
  • and media law.

The way you use the information will be the way you transmit information.

Media ethics -the intricacies of media operation

The first thing is understanding the media. The speaker began quoting Marshall Mcluhan 1964 – “media are extensions of man”. The way each medium transfers information transforms the way we transmit information.

The new media covers a wide range of medium. We don’t use medium to transfer a message
but the medium is the message.

Copyright: The new copyright directive states every platform which publishes something of
someone else should compensate. So publishing something without prior permission will expose the person and the congregation. Try to publish only your content, your intellectual property. Google is constantly at watch. It knows every content that was published. Consent is very important and it is one of the clear basis for processing the data of someone else and it is important get in writing.

The speaker stressed that when you enter the legal mechanism it is very difficult to get out.

The speaker emphasized on using the media to spread the gospel, to promote dialogue, to moderate hate speech, to reconcile conflicts and so on.

Everything you do has a public dimension. Legal dimension is a rational and deliberate process. In legal dimension documents can save you but can also be used against you.

The input session was concluded recommending the need for prudent document management

The afternoon time was dedicated for interiorization and reflection on the communication
ministry and its future in the respective provinces.

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