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Closing of the Seminar

  The 5th SSpS International Formators Seminar is finished; it is now part of our common SSpS history. Nevertheless, it continues. It had an impact on all those, who in one way or another, took part in it and will radiate to all our provinces and regions. At 8.45 Sunday...


A Glimpse of Timor

“A glimpse of Timor“ was promised to us on this Trinity Sunday. And that glimpse was really stunning! We started the day with an early morning Holy Mass at one of the nearby parishes – St. Francis of Assisi.  Upon entering the church, some of us immediately spotted the Arnold...


Solemn Opening of the Seminar

The 5th International Formator Seminar hosted by the Province of Timor is the first congregational event ever to take place in the huge and diverse island country of Indonesia. Particularly our sisters in Kupang and the community of Bello, where the event takes place, have put a lot of effort...