Communion With the Marginalized and Excluded

2017 - SSpS Year of Communion with the Marginalized and Excluded

What the Year is About

Aware that what we are and do is not about us, but about God’s inclusive love for all, we want to continue Jesus’ compassionate mission. This entails sensitivity to reality, discernment of the signs of the times, courage to take a stand for the most vulnerable and constant conversion. “Recognizing that the selfishness of the human heart is at the root of all oppressive structures and systems, we struggle against sinfulness in our own lives; and in whatever situation we are, we stand for justice, freedom and peace”. (Constitutions 112)

We keep in mind and are grateful for the stories of our Founding Generation. We appreciate how they endeavored to care for others with Samaritan hearts.   Fr. Arnold Janssen, Mother Maria Helena and Mother Josepha strove with consistency and humility to walk the talk. For them, love was not an abstract concept but concrete action.  By allowing the Spirit to transform their lives, they were convinced that only love can create bridges to unite people from different cultures, age, social condition and religious believes. They bequeathed to us their conviction and dream that the new earth and new heaven starts here and now. They set us in the motion to keep searching gentle ways to open human hearts to God’s loving action.  Mother Josepha said, “Our task is to open all hearts to love”.  Mother Maria’s motivation to serve in the foreign missions was marked by her deep desire to share her God’s experience.  She wrote, “I often felt a great sense of pity, especially for the abandoned pagan children; I felt a tremendous longing to be there and to search for those abandoned children in the swamps, fields and forests…”  Both, Mother Maria and Mother Josepha showed us that effective response to others’ needs flows from a contemplative heart. As God’s centered persons they were able to put others, not themselves, in the center of their loving care and concern.

During the 14th General Chapter, we felt anew God’s call to get out of our boxes, to leave our comfort zones, to deepen global consciousness and to widen the circle of communion by reaching out to others, especially those in most need.  Thus, Jesus’ words: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor” and “Go and do the same” found an echo in our Congregational Direction: toward communion-widening the circle.

Culmination of the SSpS Year of Communion with the Marginalized and Excluded


November 19, 2017


November 18, 2017
Monthly Reflections

During the year 2017 we want to widen the circle of God’s compassion, inclusive love and justice in line with our congregational direction of Communion with the Marginalized and Excluded. As stated in our 14th General Chapter document:

“The needs of our planet are overwhelming and ever changing. Our Charism calls us to serve those who most need to receive the good news of God’s all-inclusive love. Their stories become our story, and our story cannot be told without them…”

As SSpS Sisters and mission partners, we are called to concretely respond to the needs of our world.  To help deepen our commitment and communion we are sharing some materials for monthly reflection that can be used and adjusted accordingly in each community. It is also meant to help us widen the circle of appreciation by thanking the Lord for calling us to share in his liberating mission. How we contribute to creating a culture of peace, solidarity and compassion in different socio-cultural contexts, is a matter of deep joy and gratitude for all of us.

The themes chosen were prepared by our sisters and our partners in mission: lay partners and members of other congregations. We recommend that you use, as much as possible, the pastoral cycle (see, judge, and act) as a tool for reflecting and analyzing social issues and concretize relevant responses.

May our responses to life be tangible and visible manifestations of God’s merciful and inclusive love for humanity and creation!

Missionary Responses

Our missionary responses to the needs of the marginalized and excluded people comes from our commitment to manifest the saving love of the Triune God.  Each SSpS Province/Region contributes to give life to this commitment.  This section will show some of the actual projects and activities where the Congregation’s life integrates with the life of the people we serve.


Missionary Response


Missionary Response

India East

Missionary Responses


Missionary Responses

India Northeast

Missionary Responses
Christmas Novena

In the process of listening to stories from our communities, ministries, cultures, formation and leadership, the Spirit showed us who we are, how we understand and go about mission today and the direction in which we need to move. These stories, as colorful threads, helped us to see with new eyes how much God loves and cares for us.  We became aware of how our dedicated service in many parts of the world led others, especially the most vulnerable in society, to experience God’s compassion.

Furthermore, we reflected on the world’s current realities in the light of the scriptures, two texts from Luke’s Gospel – Jesus’ proclamation of his Mission and the parable of the Good Samaritan- spoke remarkably loudly to us.

Indeed, we have many stories to share. By allowing the lives and stories of those who are excluded and marginalized to touch our minds, hearts, hands and feet we can be transformed.

With grateful hearts we acknowledge those Sisters who went before us and on whose shoulders we stand. As intercultural community in mission we are a gift for each other. Together we are called to grow in our capacity to make others feel welcomed, accepted and loved as they are. How are we being Good Samaritan today? What concrete responses are we giving to those in need? How are we making Jesus’ table fellowship real and concrete? In our personal life and ministries, what changes in attitudes, strategies and focus could we make to more relevantly respond to people’s needs?

Together as congregation we prepare for the celebration of the Birth of our Savior by reflecting on the Word of God and the stories of our Sisters from different parts of the world as we join in prayer different groups of people who are often marginalized and excluded by society.