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Communion within our Congregation

2019 - SSpS Year of Communion within our Congregation

Our interculturality as SSpS is an expression of the Spirit's many faces.

Humankind is expanding its consciousness to global horizons. At the same time, peoples struggle to maintain their cultural identity and national sovereignty. We experience both the richness and the struggles of intercultural and intergenerational community living.

  • We become aware of and honestly own the lights and shadows of our intercultural and intergenerational living. We open ourselves to continuous transformation as we befriend diversity and the unknown.

Our formation today, both initial and ongoing, asks us to be open to paradigm shifts in the expression of our consecrated life, community life, and leadership styles. Congregational structures and leadership styles have to facilitate participation and communion. We experience the value of communal discernment and participative leadership. Moreover, the way we use our resources, both human and financial, and the way we make decisions and carry out our ministries have the concerns of the poor at heart.

  • We evaluate and re-form congregational structures to best serve our mission.
  • We use appropriate methods of communal discernment in our decision-making.
  • We examine our lifestyle in the light of our total commitment to mission and concern for the marginalized.