Beginning of SSpS mission: 1897/1989

Provincia in honorem Immaculati Cordis Beatae Virginis Mariae

Ministries of the Region:  
  • Health Care Ministry:
    • Mother and Child Health Care
    • Care for AIDS victims and lepers
  • Socio Pastoral Ministries:
    • Promotion of women through formation, health education, conscientization and assistance in their samll business.
    • Care for the refugees and the handicapped
    • Evangelization, vocation promotion, JPIC ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry:
    • Formation of Catechists
    • Catechesis
    • Ministry with youth and children
  • SSpS Fomation:
    • Initial fromation, (aspirants and postulants)
    • Accompaniment of new / young missionaries, and on-going formation
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