May the Holy Triune God live in our Hearts!     And in the hearts of all people!    May the Holy Triune God live in our Hearts!     And in the hearts of all people!

SSpS New Mission in the Republic of Benin

The new Nuncio of Togo-Benin, Most Rev. Archbishop Michael Blume, SVD, visits the new Diocese of Djougou and also the new SSpS community. In the picture, the sisters (from left to right): Aleksa, Marli and Veronique (Justyna is not in the picture)

Our Presence in The Republic of Benin:
In the Official Communications from the Congregational Leadership Team, dated January 24, 2005 (REF; 0.2-N/0083/05), the decision to extend the SSpS presence in Benin was announced.

Background: The Republic of Benin is a nation of western Africa, formerly known as Dahomey. It has a small coast line with the Bight of Benin in the south, borders Togo in the west, Nigeria in the east, and Burkina Faso and Niger in the north. Its capital is Porto-Novo. Its present land area is 112,622 sq km (43,484 sq miles).

The Visit to the Diocese of Djougou:
Djougou was part of the Diocese of Natitingou until 1995. The Diocese of Djougou was created in the year 1995. The Bishop of the diocese is Mgr. Paul Vieira. Since it is a young diocese, there are very few parishes as well as few religious congregations. As in the Diocese of Natintingou, there are also different ethnic groups.

The Opening of Our Mission Station in Sonahouhu

On October 19, the Regional Leadership Team and the Sisters assigned for the new community in Benin came together for a time of reflection, prayer and sharing in our community in Bassar. The next morning we had a meaningful Eucharist celebrated in our chapel for the intentions of our new mission. After the breakfast, Sisters Mary Nyarko (GHA), Aldona Wysocka (POL), Marli Moreia (BRN), Justyna Chudzio (POL), Aleksa Epy (FLO), Veronique Honkou (TOGO), Maria Teresa (PHIL) and Sr. Neeta Josep, SSpS, Regional Leader left for Benin.

On the 23rd of October, Mission Sunday, they were officially presented to the parish community in Sonahouhu by the Vicar General from the diocese. The bishop was in Rome for the synod. A meal together with the parish community and some of the priests from the diocese followed the Eucharistic Celebration. Then the parish community accompanied the sisters to our house in procession, playing their traditional musical instruments.

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