May the Holy Triune God live in our Hearts!     And in the hearts of all people!    May the Holy Triune God live in our Hearts!     And in the hearts of all people!

Beginning of SSpS mission: 1992

The first three sisters came to Rumania in 1992 and formed the first community in Roman. Here they began to visit the poor and needy families, helping them to find means to improve their economical and social situation. As nurses they attended to the sick who could not effort a visit to the doctor or hospital. In the parish they had a rich pastoral program with children and youth.

In that time, the city of Roman formed only one parish and there was only one church and one parish priest. Meanwhile the parish was divided in four parishes, and each one has a parish priest and a vicar, and new church buildings are coming up. Thus, the pastoral assistance of our sisters in the parish was not needed any more, so they could turn to other ministries, offering boarding for girls from poor families, who are studying at various colleges in Roman. The visits to the sick, old and lonely people continue, and sisters also offer tutoring to children who have difficulties to reach the necessary academic standards in the school.

In 1995, as response to the invitation of the parish priest, the sisters opened the second community in Raducaneni, where they offer nursing care to the sick in the village and have various pastoral and academic activities with the children and youth, in the new pastoral center. Beside this, they also accompany men, women and families addicted to alcohol.

In August 2004 these two communities were elevated to a Region, dedicated to the Holy Trinity and subordinated to the Province of Austria, and continued following up the possibility of opening a third community. This happened in October 2005, when two sisters began with their missionary presence in the town of Orhei, in the neighboring Republic Moldova. Since majority of the people living in this town are Christians of the Orthodox Church, sisters endevour to proclaim the Good News rather through socio-pastoral ministries, serving the abandoned children and caring for the sick, lonely and elderly in this town, as well as in Staucen.

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