May the Holy Triune God live in our Hearts!     And in the hearts of all people!    May the Holy Triune God live in our Hearts!     And in the hearts of all people!

Beginning of SSpS mission: 1989/1951
ssps in portugal

In 1951, bishop of Astorga, D. Jesús Mérida Pérez, invited the Servants of the Holy Spirit into his diocese, concretely to Ponferrada. The first two sisters, Sr. Predicanda Galluschke and Sr. Anagracia Jacob arrived in Ponferrada on the 12th of September 1951. Their first service was to care for the sick in their homes. In October 1955, the bishop Mérida gave the sisters permission to open a college and to begin with the education of the children and youth. Sisters continue to carry out this ministry up to this day.

In 1976, the sisters accepted the invitation to run a Kindergarten in Madrid-Alcorcón. During 16 years of this apostolate a great service was done not only to the children, but to the families in difficult economical situations as well.
Then, the migrants began to fill the houses and streets of Madrid, and they felt there “lost as the sheep without a shepherd”. The sisters, together with the missionaries of the Society of the Divine Word offered them a service (Pastoral for the migrants), in which they continue until today.

In 1984 a third community was opened in Valladolid, where sisters do pastoral work in the parish and in one of the many colleges of this city. Here also our sisters with mission mandate to Spanish speaking countries come to learn Spanish. Since 1991 this is the Regional House.

In September 1989, the Region extended in Portugal, in Viseu, serving in the Retreat House of the Diocese. When the Retreat House moved from Viseu to another town, sisters moved to Casal de Cambra (in Lisbon), following the invitation of the Magistrate of Sintra which invited them to work with and for the migrants. Some years later they opened a second community in the vicinity, in Odivelas, doing the pastoral work in the parish.

Ministry at present:

  • Education : in Primary, Secondary & College Level
  • Health Care : in thenhospital
  • Socio-Pastoral Ministry : for refugees, migrants & rehabilitation  
  • Catechetic and Pastoral :

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